We are using CRM system to fasten the procedure where you can login and upload all the promotion details and images to us. With this CRM system, our writer and boosting team will be able to receive your files and work on your post.

This is the details that we need for the post:
1. Promotion Details/Theme
– Please list some of your best deal
2. Promotion Price/Discount Percent
3. Promotion Period (Promotion Hours)
4. Promotion Area
5. The unique selling point of your business / shop
6. Why you think the promotion is worth going for your customer?
7. Image
– At least 4pcs
* 1 Cover photo: (700px x 469px)
* Other photos: (728px x 728px)
– the key to a viral post, attractive photos
8. Address
9. Contact Number
10. Business Name
– Link to website or FB (if any)

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use our CRM system:

How to login to the CRM system?

Browse: http://crm.savingkaki.com/clients/login
Enter Username: Your email address
Enter Password: Your phone number

Click “Projects” button menu to find your project file

Click to your “Project Name”
for example: “SK_000001_S01/01_Project Demo”
Inside the Project Name, it has all about the Project Overview, File, Discussion, Tickets, Quotations, and Invoices.

Click “File” to upload all details and picture. Here you can just drag you file or you can also click the area “Drop files here to upload” to open your file folder.

Upload all the promotion details and images to us in the file format txt, docx, psd, png, jpeg and etc.

Note: Please zip the images if more than 4 images 
Provide at least 4 images
* 1 Cover photo: (700px x 469px)
* Other photos: (728px x 728px)

This in an example file client upload on CRM system.

Our writer team will upload the post draft and cover photo in the discussion section for you to confirm. You may comment and reply on the discussion. You may also create discussion to communicate with our writer team.

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